Think and Grow Rich – African Perspective

Nigerian entrepreneurs, captains of industries and leaders of thought who have read THINK AND GROW RICH—African Perspective say about Emenike’s new book.

Mike Awoyinfa

Bliss! That is the word to describe the feeling that envelops me each time a new book lands on my table. The happier I am if the book is my own book like the one newly released (but not for the public yet) “GIANTS of AFRICA” series starting off with the Nigerian and African business icon—the one they call THE GURU. But this is not about my book. Rather, I am here today to celebrate another Africa-oriented book written by a friend of mine who makes it a point of duty to send me an early autographed copy of his books once they come out.

Let me quote excerpts from the book:

“I believe completely in Dr. (Napoleon) Hill’s view. Success is not achieved because of quantity of education or chains of degrees one has. The most important element is the definite desire or purpose one wishes to achieve and the practical steps of achieving it. If you devote time to study the lists of the people that Dr. Hill analyzed before he wrote the classic book, you will see that there are not many academic professors in the life histories of the 500 men and women he analyzed.

“Dr. Hill has actually disclosed to us chapter by chapter all the success stories of how one could achieve anything, at any level one wants, and the person’s pace. It is therefore important to notice that, for one to achieve anything, identification of definite goals and steps of achieving such desires are the main keys to success, regardless of the type of success needed.

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“Based on my own practical experiences, I have come to a conclusion that, with Dr. Hill’s success formula, as listed step by step in this book, one can use it to accumulate lots of financial wealth, as well as other types of success one desires—even if such mission is for stabilization of one’s marriage life or academic achievement. With that formula, you can achieve the desires you want in life.”

The above quotes are excerpts from the spanking new book by my friend Poly. I. Emenike, an entrepreneur, scholar, author and devotee of Napoleon Hill, the legendary American author of THINK AND GROW RICH, a book that has taught many the secrets of wealth making. So enamoured and dedicated to the ideals of Napoleon Hill, Poly Emenike has written an Africanized version of the timeless book which he bought as a kid from an Onitsha market bookshop and read religiously to the point where he truly became a rich man and an entrepreneur of great renown. I have not seen any African who is so fully committed to evangelizing the gospel of riches according to Napoleon Hill. This is not Emenike’s first book. In fact, this is his fifth book targeted at anyone who wants to know the secrets of being rich unlocked in a practical book rich in case studies and motivational words of wisdom.
This is what some successful

Nigerian entrepreneurs, captains of industries and leaders of thought who have read THINK AND GROW RICH—African Perspective say about Emenike’s new book.

Femi Otedola, Chairman of Forte Oil Plc: “The biggest distinguishing factor between humankind and all other creatures is the ability to think. Having been on the wealth-creation journey myself for some time, I have come to realize that we take thinking for granted because it comes naturally to us…I must commend the author of this work for adding an African perspective to a global phenomenon and telling the story in a manner that is easy to understand. I recommend the book to all who want to pursue value and impact their environment. As the great Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill wrote years ago: ‘An educated man is not, necessarily, one who has an abundance of general or specialized knowledge. An educated man is one who has so developed the faculties of his mind that he may acquire anything he wants, or its equivalent, without violating the rights of others.”

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Mutiu O.A. Sunmonu, Chairman of Julius Berger Nigeria Plc: “The real benefits of the book are the specific examples of successful men and women who have demonstrated similar traits and discipline in their personal and professional lives. While the book discusses secrets of success in different chapters, a lot of the secrets are embedded in every one of us and can be easily unleashed if we have clarity of purpose, and if we are ready to pursue that purpose and if we are determined to overcome obstacles that tend to limit us.”

Dr. Levi Obijiofor, Senior Lecturer in Journalism, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia: “Prolific author and celebrated businessman Dr. Poly I. Emenike unravels in this book the secrets of his wealth and business successes, as well as the strategies that helped many other people to become successful in life. The reader will find that the secrets of success are not really concealed. They reside right there in your own hands. Set your life goals in writing, map out strategies through which you aim to attain those goals, recite your goals and your strategies at least two times a day, and remain focused. Voila, those are the secrets. This book tells us that we are what we choose to be in life.”

AVM A.D. Bello (Rtd), Former Nigerian Chief of Air Staff: “Africa must continue to interrogate the subject of its puzzling under-development relative to the abundant human and material resources that dot its landscape. It must find answers and the intelligence that will help it permanently drop the unenviable toga of basket case it has worn for so long. It is within the framework of this knowledge paradigm that I situate Poly I. Emenike’s latest literary offering. Being one of the successful stories out of Africa, despite having had first-hand experience with deprivation, his decision to share a piece of his story and the stories of Africans like him, in a way that mirrors the great success of the Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill, is a commendable effort.”

Foreword by Chukwuma Charles Soludo, Former Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria: “This book could not have been written by a better authority than Poly Emenike, who is without doubt Africa’s foremost devotee of Napoleon Hill. His personal journey to the top is itself a sterling testimonial of the efficacy of Napoleon Hill’s principles. Having read his four earlier books (Entrepreneur Spirits: Through the Seventeen Success Principles of Napoleon Hill; The Benefits of Adventure; How to Alter Your Destiny to the Direction You Want; and The Daily Positive Vitamins—For Entrepreneurs) and now this one. I can confirm that indeed he is an authority on the power of positive thinking. Poly Emenike steps down the dense original ‘source book’ into a lucid everyday language-style for the average reader. Think and Grow Rich: African Perspective is timely and a must-read, as well as a companion book for anyone who aspires for a seat at the top.”

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*THINK AND GROW RICH — African Perspective is available at and Barnes and Noble

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