This pain is unbearable, cancer patient cries out

By Job Osazuwa

A widow, Victoria Adetoye, is in pain, suffering from cancer of the breast. 

The disease is evidently eating her up gradually. She is in dire need of urgent intervention by kind-hearted Nigerians. 

When the reporter visited the mother of three in her residence at 14, Moyinoluwa Street, Lafenwa-Itele, Ado Odo/Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State, she could not conceal her fear for the worse as she narrated her experience of pain and suffering. 

In a feeble voice, she recalled how the ailment started in January 2018. She said she woke up one morning to discover a small swelling on her right breast, which she didn’t take seriously or see as a danger to her wellbeing. But she was wrong. Her breast has now been ravaged by the infection. 

“When I told people, they said it could have been insect’s bite. So, I ignored it at the beginning. But when the pain continued, I visited the hospital in March to find out what was wrong. The private hospitals I went to could not tell me exactly what was wrong with my breast. The doctors kept guessing and giving me different drugs. 

“When I realised that there was no improvement and, rather, the pain grew worse by the day, I went to Ondo State General Hospital, Akure, in May for a comprehensive diagnosis. It was there I was told it was breast cancer,” she said.

According to the 46-year-old woman, who hails from Ilara-Mokin community in Idanre-Ifedore Local Government Area of Ondo State, it has been a life of torture since the illness struck her.

She said she had so far undergone six sessions of chemotherapy treatment, and coughed out almost half a million naira. She spent N50,000 to buy the drugs and materials needed for each chemotherapy, excluding other sundry expenses. 

Chemotherapy is given with a curative intent, or aimed at prolonging the patient’s life. But it has been discovered that, in some cases, chemotherapy cannot cure or control the spread of cancer, except to help in shrinking it.

In her words: “I used to sell fresh tomatoes and pepper and I am the breadwinner in my family. I have spent the capital for my business and also borrowed for my treatment. The chemotherapy was recommended in three-week intervals, but because of money (problems), it took me about seven weeks to take the last one.

“I feel terrible pains always. My breast is so swollen and irritating at the moment. Most times, I can’t sleep due to the severe pain.”

Adetoye disclosed that her three children had to drop out of school due to paucity of funds. She said they now struggle to feed, and mostly from people’s kind gestures.

She thanked everyone who has helped her in one way or the other, including her co-residents and Community Development Association (Ifelagba) at Lafenwa-Itele, who also donated some money recently to offset part of her medical bills.

She said she had not been knocked down by any serious ailment until the cancer came to turn her life upside down.

She pleaded: “I don’t want to die. The pain is increasing everyday and I’m getting thinner too. I want Nigerians to come to my aid. All I need is any help to get well and bounce back to my feet. I used to fend for my family. I’m not a lazy person but the sickness has incapacitated me and turned me to a beggar.”

The woman can be reached on her mobile phone 08031546641. And financial assistance can be sent to her through Elegbede Muse, Keystone Bank, 6008176206.

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