Time to change the narratives

Today in Enugu State politics, the narratives seem to be in the change gear as the people of Enugu East are about to rewrite history

Stan Okeke

Over time in the Nigerian political history, those said to be elected as representatives of the people or masses, might not be the true representatives of their people. It’s an obvious fact that the representatives so elected or selected, have always been the choice of political godfathers.

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Consequently, such anointed candidates, even as they fall short of expectations, remain in such elective positions because of the influence of their godfathers or the Governor(s) of their respective States. The resultant effect is that the people fail to get quality representation from their so called representatives either at The National Assembly or State Houses of Assembly.

Some of these representatives are so dormant that you begin to wonder what manner of representatives of the people they are, what manner of contributions they make to impact positively on their people. Today in Enugu State politics, the narratives seem to be in the change gear as the people of Enugu East Senatorial zone are about to rewrite history in their political horizon.

As the 2019 General Elections approaches, the people of that Senatorial zone has decided to take their destiny in their hands by insisting that the time has come to rewrite their political history by urging Prof. Agu Gab Agu, an erudite legal luminary to step up and challenge whoever is keen to contest the Senatorial seat of Enugu East with him. In accepting this challenge, Agu is not unmindful of the political heavyweights that might contest the election with him, including former Governors of the State.

After extensive consultations, particularly with his people who are evidently convinced that he is most qualified to contest for the seat, after meeting with the Stakeholders of the zone and after weighing the options available to him, Prof. Agu has joined in the race for the Enugu East Senatorial seat.

A man so convinced of his ability in achieving set objectives, Agu is an enigma and has the charisma to pursue to its logical conclusion, his determination to represent his people at all the National Assembly. Town Hall meetings with people of his political zone, has convinced him the more that he is the candidate to beat in that Senatorial election come 2019.

“Duty calls and I have never been so convinced in my life that this is a worthy venture for my people. Everywhere I have so far visited in the zone, all the consultations I have made to chart the way forward, suggests that am the popular candidate of my people and am now fully prepared to take the plunge”, Prof. Agu said.

His credentials eminently qualifies him to vie for this Senatorial Seat, even as he makes no pretensions about the enormous task ahead of him in gunning for that position. For instance, former Governor of Old Anambra State, Sen. Jim Nwobodo is from that Senatorial zone even as it’s not yet clear who amongst the candidates that he will throw his political weight behind.

So is the former Governor of Enugu State, Sen. Chimaroke Nnamani who seems undecided on whether to run or not and on what political platform. He is known to wield a lot of political influence in the State and has been largely touted as having won the recent past Senatorial election in the zone against Sen. Gilbert Nnaji, the incumbent Senator representing the zone and is obviously in contention for the same senatorial seat.

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However, Agu seem not cowed by these challenges as he has the overwhelming support of his people and the Stakeholders in particular.

Obviously, the political terrain in Enugu State yearns for change in some political zones in the State and Enugu East is one of such zones. It is widely seen and obvious that some political office holders still occupy such offices by the grace of those who supported them and the political party on whose platform they contested for such offices.

It’s also the general opinion in Enugu State that the State Governor, Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi who appears to have become very popular among his people because of his people oriented programs in the State, is about to change all that as he is said to be determined to ensure that only quality candidates who have the capacity and credentials to represent the State in any given political office are those that will have his support.

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