From Rose Ejembi, Makurdi

Hundreds of Makurdi residents were on Saturday served with free food by the Tito Group of Companies in commemoration of this year’s World Food Day.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, Asiwaju Isaac Akinkunmi while addressing the people at the premises of Tito Farmers Market located on David Mark Bypass in Makurdi said the gesture was to commemorate the world food day as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility.

The occasion also witnessed the presentation of a lecture by Asiwaju Akinkunmi titled, “How Probiotic Youghurt Boosts Immunity.”

Akinkunmi, a former President of Yoruba Community in Benue State said that the title of the lecture was carefully selected to erase the mindset that yoghurt had lot of sugar stressing that the product has low sugar and helps to maintain good health.

On his part, Dr. Innocent Abi in his lecture explained that probiotics were live bacteria and yeasts attributed with health benefits and are commonly added to yoghurt to be ingested as food supplements.

The medical doctor also further said that probiotics are nicknamed as friendly bacteria because they are known to restore natural balance of bacteria in the gut.

He enumerated the benefits of probiotic yoghurt to include; combating bloating, constipation, diarrhea and other digestives maladies associated with irritable bowel syndrome.

He further explained that probiotic yoghurt helps to relieve inflammatory bowel disease, fight the bacteria that is behind the development of peptic ulcer disease and stomach cancers and can prevent mental disorders like depression and anxiety.

‘It can lower cholesterol and blood pressure, prevent acne and other skin disorder and above all can prolong life,’ Abi stated.

One of the participants, Mrs. Mercy Tushima thanked the management of Tito Group of companies for the yearly gesture especially at this period of hunger and abject poverty.

Another participant, Agbo Titus hailed Akinkunmi for organizing the occasion and said that the lecture had erased the mindset that yoghurt makes people fat.



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