Nigerian-born Welterweight champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Kamaru Usman has gifted his parents a mansion in the United States.

Born in Nigeria, Usman moved to the United States when he was eight to join his

father, who was already there.

Things got rough for the Usman household when the patriarch Muhammed got into trouble with the law.

Usman was in his second year in college in 2009 when his dad was first arrested and then, a year later was sentenced to 15 years in jail for fraud.

“It was very difficult because he was the breadwinner of the house. The children were still small, in school, I didn’t even know what to do then,” Usman’s mom Porsha said on Steve Harvey’s Facebook show.

Kamaru, on the show, revealed how difficult it was having his dad in jail while he was coming through the ranks in his fighting career.

The UFC star also spoke of how his dad made sure he watched all of his fights while he was in jail.

Usman’s dad was released in February 2020 and watched him live for the first time in his win over Jorge Masvidal to retain his Welterweight belt at UFC 261 on Saturday, April 24, 2021.

“The emotions alone was overwhelming. Sitting out there watching my son was the greatest thing—the best day of my life. When I was in prison, he made me so popular in prison,” his dad said on this episode of Steve Harvey’s show on Facebook.

Also, on this episode of Steve Harvey’s show on Facebook, Usman further honoured his dad for his sacrifice to him and his siblings.

He also thanked his mum for her resilience after their dad got jailed and revealed that he has bought a mansion for them.

“Me and my siblings got together. I told you I wanted you guys to look for your house and you said that you found one that you like, so those are the keys,” the UFC star said.

Usman has two brothers and a sister. He is married with a daughter.

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