Lovers of good music are in for a jolly good time this festive season, as Columbus, Ohio-based Nigerian journalist and singer, Deba Uwadiae, has announced the release of his third single titled, Imela (Thanks) with an accompanying video on Saturday January 1, 2022.

This is coming after the release of an album, Hallelujah Amen and two singles, Ojomiloju and Mogberi. According to the reporter cum musician, “It is a season of thanksgiving and appreciation, so I am releasing a new single, Imela for the purpose of thanking God for seeing us through this eventful year.”

A sneak peek into the secular song, Imela (Thanks) reveals that it is rendered in one of Nigerian languages, combined with English and delivered in high tempo and fast pop. Its highly rhythmic tune is couched in heavy percussion and pulsating piano riff, with a danceable call and response that flows sequentially.

“I look forward to a kind of Imela Challenge where one can dance to the music with the energy of King David glorifying the creator for sustenance and rescue,” Uwadiae said.

The Imela single can be accessed on all digital platforms including Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Tik Tok, Media Net and YouTube Music, including YouTube video.

Aside being a musician, Deba Uwadiae is also the publisher of the New Americans magazine and author of “Coming to America: Early Life in America and Citizenship”. He oversees activities at the New American Community Information Center in Columbus, Ohio.

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