September 27, 2021


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VSTAR MA on how Getting to stardom is now easier as an independent artist


Adewumi Victor Moses, popularly known as VSTAR MA, is a Nigerian Singer, Song Writer and Record Producer. He is also the founder of Grace Boy Records. VSTAR MA Emphasizes how independent artists get into the limelight easier these days with the help of Internet.

Music has been evolving so fast now and a lot of upcoming artists are now making it to the limelight as independent artists, due to the help of the Digital age that we are in now.

VSTAR MA explained, being a musical artist has never been easy. Artists may face a lot of rejection and criticism but that should only make you stronger and work on yourself, so many things as changed that people don’t even need a record label to become famous nowadays compared to before, everything is very susceptible that gives every indie artist hope and courage that they can make it to the top and achieve their dreams.

As far as the music industry is consigned today, social media and music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Boomplay and many more as done a great impact on the growth of music. Not everyone buying CDs like before, the digital age has made everything so easy that upcoming artists can just distribute their songs with a distributor like Distrokid, CD Baby, Afrotunes Digital, Tunecore and so on to get their songs placed on all digital platforms where listeners can just stream or download them anytime and anywhere, while the distributor collects royalty of their streams and download for them.

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