WHAT on earth is he thanking me for now?

What on earth is he thanking me for now? I wondered irritably. I gently removed my hands from his; he had my full undivided attention now and I scowled at him.

Efe Anaughe

“Tobs you look stunning,” Teju said as soon as we sat down. I knew I looked gorgeous but was too angry to appreciate his candour. Actually Sotonye and Rick’s presence in the Restaurant had put me in a foul mood. I was only half listening to what Teju was saying while I gave surreptitious looks at Sotonye and Rick. Apparently I had said yes to something because the next thing I know Teju grabs my hand in excitement and starts to thank me profusely.

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What on earth is he thanking me for now? I wondered irritably. I gently removed my hands from his; he had my full undivided attention now and I scowled at him. “What is it Tobs? Since we are going back together I didn’t think just holding your hands at the dinner table would be a problem,” he said in confusion, a puzzled expression on his face. “Going back together?” I asked incredulously. “Where on earth did you get such a stupid idea” I blurted out in anger baffled. “I asked and you consented!” he said in surprise. “No I did not, I barely know you.

Why would I go back with you, huh?” I asked in a flaming temper now. “Oh, just because I have been out with you two times then it means I owe you something?” I asked through clenched teeth. “Tobs, hold it right there, I am a gentle man and will never take advantage of a lady, maybe I misunderstood the signals and I am truly sorry for that but I am not a low life, that you met on the streets,” Teju said in quiet anger.

Oh my, I had messed up, he was seething with rage, Teju had turned red! I guess that is the problem with being very light skinned, all your emotions show. “I take that back,’ I said contrite and truly meaning it.

I could see I had ruined the evening for him. It was all entirely Rick and Sotonye’s fault, I reasoned irrationally. Why did they have to be here? “Hello Tobs, fancy meeting you here,” I heard an all too familiar voice say. I looked up and my eyes clashed with that of my tormentor.

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I did the introduction and looked on as the two men shook hands; obviously sizing each other up. “Why not join us for dessert,” Rick offered his eyes far from being friendly. “May be some other time mate, Tobs and I have some personal matter to discuss,” I heard Teju say casually but guardedly.

They were like two bulls circling each other, trying to decide if locking horns will be worth it or if they should just sheath their swords. “Ok, enjoy your evening,” Rick said giving me a look that promised retribution later. Teju was quiet for a while after that and I was lost in thought. I felt emotionally drained; I just wanted the night to be over.

When I looked up from my food, Teju was studying me through narrowed eyes. “Is something going on between you and Rick?” He asked cautiously. “Excuse me? And how is that any business of yours?” I fired back aggressively, completely losing my cool. He said nothing changing the subject abruptly to how bad the roads are in some areas in Lagos compared to his last visit.

After that what I thought could not get any worse just went downhill. I struggled through the rest of the evening and when it was time to leave I couldn’t hide my relief. ‘I must be really bad company for you to be in such a hurry to leave,” Teju said with a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes.

I knew I had behaved badly and wouldn’t get any trophies for my uncouth attitude. “I am so sorry Teju that makes two of us, how about a make-up? Breakfast is on me!” I said gently trying to sooth his obviously bruised ego. “I agree on one condition, I get to choose the venue,” he said with a crooked smile. “Done!” I said recklessly. “Breakfast will be at my Hotel,” he said with a roguish smile. Oh my goodness, how do I get myself into these things!

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