What the people say….

A people without a rich history will grope in the dark, and perhaps, continue to chase shadows. Igwebuike – Unity is Strength.

Emma Okocha

Which Way APGA, another great quintessential piece from the nib of Emma Okocha, is enlightening and thought-provoking. Wednesday October 3, 2018 was another day, Emma Okocha, through his Daily Sun Column ON THE NIGER, took his ever-increasing readers down-the memory lane, especially those readers who are genuinely concerned about the voice, political future and democratic role of the Igbo in Nigerian politics.

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When an article contains known grains of truth, the writer should be commended and not bullied or castigated. Truth is bitter, even when bitterness describes an experience that causes deep pain and anger, and truth conveys real facts about a situation, event or person, it is still better to tell the truth and not mislead people. A writer who tells the truth that leads people in the right direction should not be dragged to the gallows. The Bible in the Book of Hosea Chapter 4 verse 6 says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge….” Of course, knowledge is power. At times, in this part of the world, contentious or sensitive sectional and national issues that not only challenge governance and democracy, and as such demand urgent attention, are easily brushed aside with a simple wave of the hand. Light and darkness are created to perform two different functions. There are no similarities between them. Same as white and black, or truth and lie. A person who shoots arrows into the sky and hides under a mortar inconveniences himself too.

The story by Emma Okocha historically traced Ohanaeze’s interest in the politics of the land, as well as the benefits accruable to the people as a result of this inclination. The article did not only discuss APGA, but also made mention of some giants of the Igbo nation, with special reference to Professor Anthony Modebe, a 1958 Professor of Agricultural Sciences, University of Ibadan. If Modebe’s introduction as a 1958 Professor of Agricultural Sciences at the Oputa Panel staggered Father Matthew Kukah, what would one then say about Professor Kenneth Dike, Professor Eni Njoku, Prof. Chike Obi, Professor Kodilinye, Professor Ben Enwonwu, Dr. Kalu Ezera and a host of other earlier years Igbo academic giants. From 1958 up until date, to some good mathematicians, is forty years away from a century and just ten years after University of Ibadan was established. Professor Modebe’s case is one out of many illustrious sons of Igboland. A people without a rich history will grope in the dark, and perhaps, continue to chase shadows. Igwebuike – Unity is Strength.

I love the Igbos and their brilliance. I love their academic, commercial exploits and industry. Sincerely, they have contributed very immensely at different levels to the political, economic and socio-cultural aspects of nation building, yet there are missing links. Although, some people may disagree with some parts of Okocha’s story, but then truth is constant as the northern star. Forming a political party is one thing, managing the party to protect Igbo interest is another ball game. Igwebuike – Unity is strength. If today’s political wisdom, style and approach do not yield the expected, desired result or dividend, then there should be the need for a re-thinking, rebranding and re-alignment of mindsets of the Igbos,

I have heard and read so much about something they call “stomach infrastructure”, but do not really understand whether it has developed into a cankerworm, ready to ravage the nation or should still be seen as a toothless bulldog barking for the people’s attention. Whatever is the case, the democracy that will capture the minds of the people is the true democracy that carries the people along. The democracy or politics that is people oriented. The democracy or politics that attracts dividends eyes can see. Dividends of love, peace, unity and economic prosperity, whether in the North, South, West or the East. That is why onetime US President; Abraham Lincoln defined it as government of the people, by the people and for the people.

And now to Emma Okocha, I believe he is on the right track and do mean well by calling white white and black black. WHICH WAY APGA is simply another clarion call for a reassessment of the plight and political strategies of the Igbos as a majority group in Nigeria with eyes on the coveted trophy.

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Igbo’s build America

Emma thank you for your October 31 hope you write more on this topic so that those of them who love history and seek knowledge should know more about the contribution of our people in building America.

– Andy Anambra state 08141738793

Pat Rangers

Daily Sun the 24th October 2018 on Enugu Rangers against Kano Pillars and other facts on who is who on Delta State Football is a fantastic write up and too much for the people to understand but as a formal player with the Rangers I know where you are going. Your usual professional take on the sun every Wednesday is unique and Emma Okocha remains blessed.

– Pat Iluno Ex-Rangers International Player Enugu, 08062916591

Brother to J.J Okocha

Oga Emma you are too much I read you every Wednesday in the Sun. Hannibal Achuzia even commended you in his Requiem Biafra on my hand I pray God be with u I am Akaeme who lived with David Ifeka Okocha now late brother to J.J Okocha.

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