Why Buhari needs our prayers

As the 2019 elections draw near, I appeal to all Nigerians to continue pledging their support for President Buhari.

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This will only serve as an open gate for the president to continue in his transformation agenda, although this may not come as fast as we all want it.

In the wake of the presidential election held in 2015, I prayed for both Jonathan and Buhari, without bias, for or against. I asked that God should appoint anyone of them as president of Nigeria. However, to my greatest amazement, Buhari was the one chosen by God.

Before the result manifested in the physical, Buhari had already been declared the winner in the spirit realm and I could confirm that when an angel

of the Lord appeared to me in a dream, asking me to open the gate for the president to come into the premises of a white building. Precisely, the first dream came on February 1, 2015, while I had similar dreams in 2016.

In my quest to confirm the authenticity of my dreams, I had so many questions to ask, especially because Buhari is a Muslim. I thought I shouldn’t be seen prophesying about someone who is not from the same faith with me but when I asked God, He said Buhari is the president for both Muslims and Christians.

On the overall, God has chosen me to carry out prayer missions for Nigeria and also Buhari’s transformation agenda. I can only appeal to all Nigerians to

continue to support the President for an earnest transformation that we so desire as a nation. This transformation may not come overnight as we expect, but it will be ushered in gradually and the only change agent to lead that is President Buhari.


► Pastor Bassey Amah wrote from Lagos, 08174723913

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