PDF or Portable Document, developed in the 90s has become one of the most popular and preferred used document formats out there. PDF is very useful in different fields, especially in businesses where it can be used to display presentations, display different spreadsheets, and also for customer records, invoices, memos, and much more.

One of the major reasons why most businesses prefer using PDF is that the original format of the document is maintained, no matter which operating system or device you use to open the document. Since there are a lot of document formats out there, every document format has its own formatting but luckily with PDF, we have tools to convert Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, and JPG to PDF, which helps to maintain the format in the form of a PDF document. With that being said, let’s have a look at some reasons why online businesses use PDF documents:
Document Format Is Maintained
The primary reason why most online businesses prefer to use PDF files is that it is difficult to share documents made in word format because the format of word documents changes with the type of device or operating system that is being used. On a PC, the format will look different while on a mobile or tablet, the format will look completely different.

This can lead to documents giving an unprofessional look and being unreadable which can damage the reputation of your business. With PDF documents, you needn’t need to worry about the format of the document changing because the format will remain the same no matter where you open the document and it is a reason why most people convert their Word documents to PDF using the Word to PDF editor and convert back PDF to Word using the PDF to Word converter.
Small Files Sizes
For online businesses, sharing files on the internet is important and for files to be sent quickly, it is important that the size of those files are small. If the size of the files is large then it can take a lot of time to send those files, not to mention that certain websites have file size limits and large files usually exceed that size limit.

Here the use of PDF documents makes it easier for online businesses to send and receive files because the size of PDF files is much smaller than other formats out there. Along with this, PDF files can be compressed using tools out there that can reduce the size of PDF files even more. This allows online businesses to deal with hundreds of documents every day without them being a hurdle.
Another reason why online businesses prefer to use PDF files in their business operations is the security of PDF documents. Online businesses have to deal with loads of documents every day and these documents can contain sensitive information, which if fallen into the wrong hands can cause huge problems for them. PDF documents can be password protected to protect documents from being accessed by anyone without a password.

The security of PDF ensures that whatever is in a PDF file can be accessed only by those people that have the password to access the file. Such protection prevents third-party users from accessing the documents containing sensitive information without prior authorization.
Compatible With Different Operating Systems
In online businesses, you have all sorts of customers that use different operating systems. Some users are Windows users, some prefer to use Mac devices, and others prefer to do business through their smartphones. For smartphone users, it can become difficult to read MS Office documents that include images and graphs because of the formatting.

PDF is compatible with different operating systems, be it a Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS device, you will be able to access and view PDF files without any hurdle and as mentioned earlier, the format of the PDF files including all the elements such as text, graphs, animations, image, etc remain the same, no matter what.


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