Popular online comedian, Olawuyi Toheeb Olatunde, popularly referred to as Classy Jester, has spoken on the rate of celebrity marriage and relationship crashes in Nigeria.

The entertainment industry in the country has been characterized by break ups and divorces among celebrity lovers and couples, which many have attributed to pop culture infiltrating the values of African society.

Classy Jester is one of the uniquely talented and fast growing social media skit makers, creating unrivaled content for his mammoth followers and the online community around the world.

The young entertainer and entrepreneur, who is an undergraduate at the Ladoke Akintola University (LAUTECH) in Ogbomosho, Oyo State, is good-looking, physically attractive and ladies would be head over heels for him.

Classy Jester stands out in the industry with his characteristic soliloquy in his skit videos. He lamented the trend of ladies in the industry becoming mothers of one or more children, and are not the wives or current partners of the male colleagues.

He, however, stated that the abnormalities would not deter him from settling down with a lady he loves when the right time comes.

“Baby mama has become a trend in the Nigerian entertainment sector. But I am proud to say I don’t have any. Currently, I am a final year student of Statistics at LAUTECH. However, the fact that celebrity relationships or marriages crash regularly doesn’t scare me. I know and believe that my marriage would work. Mine would be different when the time comes”, assured Classy Jester.

Going down memory lane on how he was able to walk his way to the top in the highly competitive entertainment sector, the comic noted that he owes it to tenacity, talent and ingenuity.

“I started making skits in 2016 with a friend of mine. It was hard putting it together but we give glory to God we don’t look like what we’ve been through. If I had been copying someone else, I will be second best and fans of comedy will often go for the authentic. Where will that leave me? I would have by now become a failed comedian. So being unique and original kept me in the game,” Classy Jester explained.

Speaking further, Classy Jester said, “The Nigerian showbiz industry has lots of content creators and there is a legion of social media comedians to contend with. So anyone who wants to survive in the art of comedy must create a niche. That is why I do soliloquy skits which are very unique amongst others.”

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