Why we must continue to pray for Buhari

The forthcoming 2019 general election is very significant for Nigeria and strategic to the sustenance of peace in the country. The decisions that will be made by the President Muhammadu Buhari administration in the run-up to the elections will have far-reaching implications for Nigerians. That is why I am appealing to citizens to continue to pray for President Buhari and the administration, so that the right decisions are taken by the president and other members of his cabinet all the time.

A gate for the president to win election and continue his change agenda is still open. Before the presidential election was held in 2015, I had prayed for both Jonathan and Buhari without bias or sentiment, asking God to appoint either of them as the president of Nigeria.

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As we now know, God chose Buhari. I want to state that on February 1, 2015, Buhari was declared the winner of the 2015 presidential election in the spirit realm, when an angel of the Lord appeared to me in a dream and said “open the gate for the president to come out” from a white long building. The place was congested with cars. I went and opened it as I had been commanded. And the person who came out of the building was Buhari. He entered the back seat of the car and his driver drove him out of the gate. Then I woke up. The first dream came in on February 1, 201 and it was afterward fulfilled. The second one came two weeks later in May 2015 after Buhari had won. In 2016, it came three times, and on August 28, 2017, it came only once. This was the day I prayed for the president in the spirit realm. A change has already started in the spirit realm with an open gate for Buhari to succeed in his transforming agenda. I appeal to all Nigerians to support the President for a change.


► Pastor Bassey Amah wrote from Lagos

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