October 21, 2021


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Witchcraft: A spiritual weapon (7)

“I have been going through a lot in life. Everything I touched never worked out. It was as if money hated me with a passion. No good thing stayed in my hands. I became frustrated and dejected. If any good thing noticed my presence, it disappeared. My life has been that of near-success syndrome experience. At the age of 54 years, I have achieved nothing and it has been like that for too long now, until I decided to contact you after reading some good testimonies you shared in your column. Before I contacted you, I had tendered a quotation to a particular company that demanded it. But let me say this without any contradiction that none of my quotations has ever seen the light of day. As a result, I was not expecting anything different from the usual thing. I decided to contact you along the line and you investigated my case and told me what to do; when I ordered your oils and prayed as you instructed, I noticed that God manifested his power in my life. Something went out of my body like a black cat during the prayer and my eyes were opened. The company that had been ignoring my quotations for over 12 years called me and asked me to do the supply. Since then, the spirit of near-success syndrome left me and I became free and have been enjoying my freedom. Good things have been coming to me. As I write this to you, I am a happy man, my brother. God will continue to bless you and your generation.”

– Mr. Akin, akther.sumit@gmail.com

“Please do not publish my name and my contact for reasons best known to me. I was addicted to drugs and hemp for many years and, as a result, my parents lost hope in me as their only surviving son. I was mentally disorganized and lived in a fool’s world, thinking I was helping myself, not knowing that I was killing my future. For over 12 years, my mother did all she could to bring me out of such false life but her efforts were frustrated by me and some unseen forces. This continued until one day she was introduced to your column and she followed it for some time and finally contacted you for my case. You consequently asked her to order some bottles of oil, which she did. She got them and used them on me and I became normal. Something left my body after the prayer and hemp and drugs became like poison to me. I am very grateful to God for answering my prayer.”

– Anonymous 

The boy disclosed that the same day she promised sleeping with him, she came in at about 10:15pm though the boy did not give her the address to his house but she was able to discover it through spiritual assessment. That same night, she told the boy that she was sent to make him rich. Consequent upon that, she gave the boy a short knife and the sum of N20 and implored him to keep them under his bed; thus she instructed the poor boy not to disclose his secret to anybody in life. She further urged him to pray every morning using the knife and the money as points of contact to the money he will be making in everyday business. Note: This is a true-life story.

This the young boy did after making love with the demon girl. He did it for eight days and recorded great success in his business. After some months, the demon girl took this boy into the spiritual world where he was finally initiated. Within four to five years the boy became so rich, built many houses had industries and companies within and outside Nigeria through the help of the water demon girl. When it was time for the boy to settle down with a wife, the demon girl refused and consequently implored the boy to marry her but the boy refused, thinking that he could at this time banish the girl with the strength of higher occult powers.  He consequently stopped making love with the girl, and started going from one native doctor to another. The girl was deeply exasperated with him and called him to order but the boy refused. The boy was further instructed not to make love with any other girl on earth by the young demon girl. Everybody that saw the girl around the young boy thought that the girl was a human being, even the boy’s relatives thought as much.

The boy was faced with the greatest problem of his life time. However, the demon girl desired to settle physically with this boy as a wife. The young boy did not know what to do. He had enough money and everything to make life worth living; on the other hand, there were enough problems for him too. He finally decided to implore the demon girl to allow him to marry a woman of his choice while still strongly maintaining their love relationship. The demon girl refused and threatened killing him for saying that. The young boy was in fear. In the process of this, he was introduced to some of my (demonic expositions) books. He read the first one, which was given to him by his friend, titled “Demons Among Men.” The book seriously opened his eyes and consequently dealt with his problems, thus he decided to pay us a visit.

The first day he came, he informed me that he had a friend that had made him what he was but refused him to marry the girl of his choice. He further added, “She is forcing herself into my life at all cost….My dear brother, money is not my problem. My most problem is that I have no peace, what I do not want to do are the things that I do. I want you to come to my house and see things yourself”. After talking with him, we decided to pay him a visit based on invitation. On reaching his house, we saw the demon girl. She was aware of the purpose of our visit thus she ran outside and went her way. When we started praying, my international outreach coordinator Evang. (Prince Mba Nwachukwu) filled with the holy spirit started using his kingdom authority together with other men of God who were there with me, thereafter, the girl appeared and rushed into the boy’s room took the N20 and the knife she gave to the boy and looked at the boy (while prayer was going on) and went her way.

After a while, the boy became mad and consequently became violent against us. However, we intensified our prayers for him. After about 10 hours when some of his relatives arrived his house (because they were sent for), the boy was delivered form the lunatic spirit. At the end of the whole prayer, I anointed the boy together with the girl he desired to marry with the type of oil meant for that purpose. Do remember there are different kinds of oils used for different purposes. There is a special oil used in dealing with witches and wizards. I tell you the truth in the name of the Lord; the oil is very effective and not demonic at all. However, the new girl was willing to do anything in order to own the boy alone because of his wealth. Woe to a child of God whose crave for material things has consumed and extinguished zeal for the service of God he or she shall have his or her  lot in the unspeakable fire of sorrow.

The spirit of God was able to free the young boy after prayers, but his house, properties and other related things he bought with the demonic money were all burnt by fire thus he started a new life in Christ Jesus again. He got married and found child bearing very difficult, but when we prayed again, the Lord now blessed them with (two boys and two girls) children. It was later we discovered that when he was born (that is the young boy) he was dedicated to idol in his village that was where his whole problem began. Well, Glory to God who freed and saved him. He is enjoying his faith in Christ today the Bible concludes, “if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, old things have passed away; behold all things have become new” II Corinth 5:17.

It is my humble submission that the Europeans who have seen the degree of witchcraft, astral pollution and other related metaphysical evils with towering darkness and wickedness of our people -the black race- refer to Africa as the DARK CONTINENT not merely because of our mentality, society or mind but because of our wickedness. Dear reader, don’t forget that if an African wants to destroy his brother, sister, or friend who is regarded an enemy and finds it difficult, he turns to his child or children purposely to inflict everlasting sorrow on the so-called enemy. Death is natural and should be regarded as a blessing when it comes at old age. Today we are witnesses to the fact that many young men and women, boys and girls die mysteriously without any good reason. The ones the evil men and women cannot kill psychically, they bewitch and lock up their blessings and make life miserable.

However, it does not marvel me because I know the nature of evil men. Now there are deaths that are very painful particularly when it strikes to create a big vacuum in innocent families. Such is not ordinary! When death comes at old age, one is forced to agree with Mark Twain when he says, “Whosoever has lived long enough to find out what life is, knows how deep a depth of gratitude we owe to Adam, the first great benefactor of our race. He brought death into the world”.

On the other hand, the perennial death of youth in the continent of Africa is a thing of great surprise a situation which the developed countries by virtue of civilization have overcome this ugly situation.

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