“The powers of witches and wizards have dealt with me and my family for a very long time. I have been having different kinds of attacks that kept me awake for years. The attacks even got to my only son who was injected by a witch in his dream with an evil substance, thereafter, he left school and became addicted to different kinds of drugs and marijuana. My son later became disorganized and demented and was sent to a rehabilitation home. My business failed and sickness from nowhere came all over my family members. In fact, I can’t thank God enough for what he did in my family through the application of your oil. When I first contacted you, it was as if nothing was going to be possible, but you encouraged me to order some bottles of your oil, which I did, and after the first prayer, I did not notice anything until I ordered the second time and followed the instruction strictly. God manifested his glory. The first miracle was the healing of my only son and his subsequent deliverance from hard drugs. He was discharged from rehabilitation centre and he is doing well academically right now. In fact, that my son stopped smoking and sniffing. God is great sir…My health has returned to normal condition, all those evil attacks of witches and wizards have become a thing of the past. Business has resumed very well too. God must bless you for me.”

– Mr. Fidel M., fadhlimakmun_ltd@hotmail.com

It is my humble submission that the Europeans who have seen the degree of witchcraft, astral pollution and other related metaphysical evils with its towering darkness and wickedness of our people- the black race- refer to Africa as the Dark Continent, not merely because of our mentality, society or mind but because of our wickedness. Dear reader, don’t forget that if an African wants to destroy his brother, sister, or friend who is regarded an enemy and finds it difficult, he turns to his child or children purposely to inflict everlasting sorrow on the so-called enemy.

Death is natural and should be regarded as a blessing when it comes at old age. Today, we are witnesses to the fact that many young men and women, boys and girls die mysteriously without any good reason. The ones the evil men and women cannot kill psychically, they bewitch and lock up their blessings and make life miserable.

However, I am not marvelled at such because I know the nature of evil men and their perception to the success of others. Now, there are deaths that are very painful particularly when it strikes to create a big vacuum in innocent families. Such is not ordinary! When death comes at old age, one is forced to agree with Mark Twain when he says, “Whosoever has lived long enough to find out what life is, knows how deep a depth of gratitude we owe to Adam, the first great benefactor of our race. He brought death into the world.”

On the other hand, the perennial death of youth in the continent of Africa is a thing of great surprise and concern, a situation which the developed countries by virtue of civilization may have outgrown.

This, however, reminds me of the sayings of the great psychologist, Sigmund Freud, in one of his writings of antiquity, ‘Civilization and its discontents,” he asserts, “And now, it seems to me, the meaning of the evolution of culture is no longer a riddle to us. It must present to us the struggle between Eros and Death, between the instincts of life and the instincts of destruction, as it works itself out in human species. This struggle is what all life essentially consists of and so the human species for existence.”

We must all struggle for our existence in the right path and not otherwise. It is still in the same process of struggling for existence that some people go to native doctors in order to avert certain evil things like death from occurring, however, such an aberrant struggle is very wrong in view of the fact that Satan cannot banish Satan.

I will continue to say that many young ones have died owing to their innocent approach to evil or even their parent’s attitude, which, on the other hand, does not encourage or recognize evil, the obituaries which appear in the dailies bear testimonies to this great truth. Evil can come from any source, take note it is a monster. Any time I read our newspapers and read about obituaries or in memoriam of young men or women who passed away either by accident or after a brief illness, it makes me pray so much for divine protection for the earthmen who are not yet aware of the fact that every death is not destined death. This planet earth is a battle field and only those who are in Christ can overcome. The Bible says, “And this is the victory that over cometh the world even our faith…” 1 John 5:8.

Some people are engrossed in the naïve attitude of saying, “since I don’t offend anyone, therefore no one can harm me,” others would say, “what I do not know cannot know me”. These are naïve principles born of error and ignorance. Somebody whom I rebuked some months ago in connection with the aforementioned slogan disclosed to me that he never took me seriously until he was threatened by those who on account of an opportunity, which came his, way felt bitterly aggrieved and wanted to eliminate him. I tell you the truth, if not for prayers offered on his behalf, he would have died before now. Some people are evil.

After that experience of his, he quickly threw the said useless policy overboard. It is my assertion that some men are bad and worse than their so-called enemies; that is why an enemy can plan a motor accident for a young innocent graduate who has just left school and is starting a new life through which he can be of a help to his old parents who have spent all their fortunes on him. The wicked ones would say ‘how can we live and see him enjoy this life? Never, we will destroy him!’ What a pity!

There was a young man who wanted to destroy and kill a friend of his who was in love with a particular girl he wanted to marry. This boy visited a native doctor who asked him to buy only a cock that has not crown before. The young boy did so, and the occultist while performing the ritual asked him to write the name of his friend on a plain sheet of paper, which was finally done. At this point the native doctor further urged him to mention the boys name six times while holding the cock in his right hand. After which the native doctor forced the cock to drink a particular substance, thereafter the cock died and he consequently urged the boy to go home, informing him that his friend was soon going to die.

It came to pass that the following morning, his friend died of stomach problem. What happened was that the native doctor invoked the spirit of the boy into the cock and poisoned the boy in the cock. This is what is known as psychic attach also known as systematic magic in the astral-metaphysical manipulation of the occult.

Many people have died through this process without their knowledge of it. The Bible concludes, “The enemy said, I will pursue, I will overtake, I will divide the spoil; my desire shall be satisfied on them. I will draw my sword, my hand shall destroy them” Exo. 15:9.

This is the desire of the devil and his workers against the son of men but those in Christ will continue to overcome.

We are still discussing the process of killing without contact whether it is called systematic or sympathetic magic even if you decide to call it part of esoteric cosmogony or magnetic hypnotism it is almost the same thing. However, without going into different areas of this manipulation be informed that whichever way by which result is achieved in this esoteric and demonic manipulation has to do with the agency of evil spirit that are prevailing in the world of man.

Be informed O earthmen that the strongest of this occult manipulation that is very terrible which also works in mysterious ways to the glory of Satan is the practice of APETA, which is also known as “invocation-Shooting”, this is a form of sympathetic magic or magnetic hypnotism. Now from the foregoing and through the process of “invocation-shooting” a person who now desires to destroy any person through occult power whether or not he has grudges against the person at this point makes no sense to the powers that will work it out. Through a process of sympathetic magic the fellow will make a mud image of his intended victim, and at mid-night he sets up a cup filled with hot water thus he calls the name of the fellow (whether enemy or not) for three times and then recite a particular mantra for three times. The mantra that will be recited is based on the person contact with the inner cosmic masters together with the level of his consciousness and mystical background.

At the end of the above, the occultist or spiritualist then shoots at the figure which he has made with mud. He will either shoot with a miniature bow and or arrow or a den-gun. At the instant the victim feels a sharp pain in any region of the body which, in the figure representing him, has been struck by any of the used objects. A wound, or abscess, quickly develops, from which he soon dies unless he recognizes the nature of the (attack) injury and decided to fight back in Jesus name. At this point back to sender as a prayer point becomes necessary.

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