October 28, 2021


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World Peace Day: CSO takes campaign to school children in Taraba

From Sylvanus Viashima, Jalingo

As part of events to mark this year’s World Peace Day, the Dephee Peace and Community Development Initiative (DPCDI) on Tuesday organised a sensitisation session for school children and other stakeholders at the at the Raddai Metropolitan school Jalingo.

The Executive Director of DPCDI Mr Bulus Daniel Dauda said that the initiative was to ensure that the culture of peaceful coexistence was inculcated into the younger generation at the early stages of their lives.

‘As we heal from the COVID-19 pandemic this year, we are inspired to think creatively and collectively about how to help everyone recover better, how to build resilience and how to transform our world into one that is more equal, more just, more equitable and inclusive, sustainable and healthier,’ Dauda said.

‘The pandemic has been accompanied by a surge in stigma, discrimination and hatred which only cost more lives instead of saving them. The virus attacks all irrespective of of region, ethnicity, creed or socioeconomic status. Confronting this common enemy requires a consciousness that we are one and have the opportunity to build on our differences and make the best out of them.

‘This year, the theme for the Day is ‘recovering better for an equitable world’. We invite you to join the efforts of the United Nations as we focus on recovering better for a more equitable and peaceful world. We must stand up against things that incite violence both publicly and privately. We must begin to spread compassion, kindness and hope in the face challenges. The best way is to inculcate these virtues into the younger generation so that they will grow with them as a part of their life,’ he said.

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The State Chairman of Civil Society Organisation in Taraba, Dr Joseph Gimba, in his lecture at the session insisted that the idea of global peace will remain a mirage until peace is first accomplished at the individual, family, community and other micro settlements.

‘The importance of peace can not be overemphasised. We can talk about it all day. But while we focus so much attention on peace at broader spectrum of the society, we fail to remember, more often than not, that an individual who is not at peace with himself can not give peace. And so we must imbibe a culture of internal peace and allow that inner peace to radiate and fill the world. That is where we must start. That is why this campaign is very important.’

Our correspondent reports that the event drew participants from various civil societies, religious bodies and security agencies.

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