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Pan-Arewa socio-political organisation Northern Elders’ Forum (NEF) has condemned remarks made by Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom in which he accused Fulani herders of killing some villagers in the state.

The group noted that such a remark was unbecoming of a governor, adding that politicians must refrain from politicising insecurity, particularly communal conflicts.

NEF’s Director, Publicity and Advocacy, Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, in a statement yesterday, said those seeking votes from the region must show specific terms on how they plan to re-secure Nigerians.

He said: “Northern Elders’ Forum, like other Nigerians, watched the video in which Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom speaks in a manner and language totally unbecoming of a leader, at a time when standards of responsibility and decorum should be at their highest levels.

“He was apparently addressing citizens on the recent killing of villagers which he attributes to Fulani herders.

“Even while making allowances for the established patterns of rhetorics and practice of Governor Ortom on inter-communal relations, this latest outburst should be condemned in a most emphatic manner.

“It does neither justice to the condemnable killings in Benue State, nor to the standing of the Governor of his people.

“The context of a politicised environment does not excuse this latest demeaning outing of Governor Ortom.

“On the contrary, it diverts attention from the latest tragedy that has befallen citizens and families in Benue State.

“Northern Elders’ Forum has consistently condemned the state of siege and insecurity under which Nigerians have lived in the last few years.

“In the North, in particular, rogue Fulani elements have stood out as killers, bandits and kidnappers.

“The Forum will continue to demand that those who are asking for our votes in 2023 will show in clear and specific terms how they plan to re-secure all Nigerians.

“They must also demonstrate how they intend to address damaging profiling and deliberate exploitation of passions eminently demonstrated by Governor Ortom.

“The Forum demands that leaders and politicians de-politicise the scourge of insecurity under which we all live.

“It further demands that killers of villagers in Benue State, and other citizens in other villages in many parts of the North must be traced and prosecuted.

“Governor Ortom should live up to his oath and his commitment to his mandate to live as a responsible leader of his people.

“He should avoid the temptation to play to a gallery which, like all Nigerians, is desperate for relief and an end to the killings which pitch them against each other and leads them towards unending conflicts.

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